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Pressure-Temperature Systems

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Low Temperature

D'Anvils low-temperature high pressure system is comprised of a LHe flow cryostat made by Janis corporation and our mini-Mighty Opposing- Plates or Piston-Cylinder DAC's reaching temperatures as low as 4 K and pressures beyond 100 GPa.

The ST500 flow cryostat is very versatile and can accommodate a myriad number of studies starting from all optical spectroscoy methods such as Raman, Infra-Red, Resistivity, conventional Mössbauer spectroscopy, Resistivity, etc. and all synchrotron-base applications. The system is based on the ST-500 flow cryostat with nominal vibrations not exceeding ± 15 nm, He consumption of ~ 1 l/hr at 5K(LHe) and 0.1 l/h at 80 K (LN2) and operates in the 3.5 - 475 K range.


Narrowing of Raman lines upon cooling (PbZrTiO3 at 11 GPa)

The low-weight mini-Mighty mighty-mouse1 diamond anvil cells (10-14 grams) are integrated into the cryogenic system allowing for fast cooling- and warming-periods.



Temperature range (continuous) 3.5 - 475 K
Initial cooldown time

10K (LHe) 25 minutes
80 K (LN2) 30 minutes

Temperature stability
(with T-controller)

< 50 mK

Weight (not including transfer tube) 3.2 kg
Nominal cryogenic liquid consumption

LHe at ~ 5K     1.1 L/hr
LN2 at ~ 80 K  0.1 L/hr

Nominal vibrational amplitude ± 15 nm
Sample position drift ± 10 nm in 5 minutes,
± 60 nm in 10 minutes