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Pressure-Temperature Systems






P.O. Box 1200, Hod-Hasharon 45111, Israel. FAX :+972-9-7669133

e-mail: anvils AT danvils.com

High Temperature


D'Anvils heater can reach 1000 oC. It accommodates D'Anvils Piston-Cylinder and Opposing-Plates diamond anvils cells.

Using a special adapter it will accommodate D'Anvils mini-Mighty DACs.

The heater uses a steady controlled flow of Ar90H10 gas mixture preventing oxidation of diamonds, the heater coil, and all metal parts. A flow indicator allows the estimation of the amount of gas. The Heater can be used in a vertical and horizontal mode. Whereas the horizontal mode is particularly suitable for spectroscopy the vertical mode can be adapted for synchrotron radiation applications. For RAMAN studies we supply a fused-quartz window and a graphite window for XRD studies.

Temperature is measured with a Chromel-Alumel thermocouple (supplied) and controlled by means of a commercial temperature controller.



Download operation instructions (PDF)