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Modified brilliant configuration



Standard Configuration


P.O. Box 1200, Hod-Hasharon 45111, Israel. FAX :+972-9-7669133

e-mail: anvils AT danvils.com



All  anvils are made of internally flawless stock selected from  gem-quality commercial white diamonds.

Anvils specifications

No fracture, inclusion, and imperfections visible under 50 X magnification.

  • Modified brilliant, or Standard design.
  • Culets and table are 16-sided.  24 and 32 sides culets available on request.
  • Culet/table are optically parallel.
  • Single and double bevelling.
  • Sixteen-sided culets diameter starting at 150-μm and at 10-μm on beveled anvils.
  • Multibeveling (rounded) culets.
  • All anvils are selected from low-birefringence diamonds stock.
  • Special Selections:
    • low-luminescence
    • for RAMAN spectroscopy from low-luminiscence type Ia diamonds and additionally selected for 2nd.RAMAN/BG >2.0.
    • for INFRA-RED spectroscopy and/or CO2 laser heating with a minimal absorption in the 9-μm range selected from type II diamonds (see IR spectra)

Repairs and modifications

D'Anvils repairs fractured and chipped anvils and removes deformed (strained) portions of the diamond resulting from operation at very high pressures.

D'Anvils will modify anvils such as beveling, rounding of girdle, additional sides to culets, etc.

All those services are available for anvils made by D'Anvils and by other manufacturers.

  • Discounts for quantity.
  • Shipping: door-to-door by international couriers.