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Piston-Cylinder Diamond Anvil Cell



  • Dimensions: diameter 22.5 mm, length:~ 20 mm (varies with anvils heights).
  • Weight: 55 gram.
  • Operates into the megabars range
  • Temperature operation range for Vascomax or Cu-alloy: 0-550 K. Inconel : 0-1200 K
  • Pressure variation at cryogenic conditions: less than 2% of ambient temperature.
  • Highest pressure achieved with 0.2 mm culets: 200 GPa.
  • Lower backing plate and piston made of same material as DAC  Standard windows holes are 1.0 mm in diameter and 60° opening. Other holes specifications upon request.
  • Adjustments: No need for parallelism adjustment. 100% parallel. Centering of culets adjusted with 3 lateral-screws

Download instructions.pdf