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One-Screw Piston Cylinder


  • The 1-Screw piston cylinder cell has similar dimensions as D'Anvils piston cylinder cell which uses 6 thrusting screws for pressure increase.
  • The 1-Screw DAC uses one central thrusting screw. With the aid of a special miniature bearing balls, the rotating motion is transfered into a linear displacement.
  • Operation is exceptionally smooth allowing pressure modification in small steps.
  • With the aid of a Direct Reading Torque wrench (0.5 - 13 Nm) accessory, with its dial and set-point needle one can practically control the pressure steps.
  • The non-magnetic DAC made of a copper alloy uses WC bearing balls, the high-temperature applications DAC uses Inconel-718 balls and the Vascomax-350 DAC special SS balls.





Download instructions (PDF)