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Gasket Indenter

D'Anvils is proud to launch a new and unique accessory for diamond cell operation: a Gasket Indenter.

D'Anvils Gasket Indenter replaces the DAC as indenter of gaskets thus providing a safe and quick method for indenting metal gaskets made of metal sheets commonly used in DAC’s methodology.


The main objectives behind this development were twofold:

  • Avert damages of diamond anvils frequently incurring during indentation process.
  • Provide a fast and reliable indentation process.

The Indenter is composed of: a main body holder with a thrusting screw (1), main body (2), one pair of dies (3), gasket to be indented (4) and a gasket tray (5)

Dies: The pair of identical dies made of from special hard steel, each ending with centered conical shapes ("caps") surrounded by a circular depression ring to accommodate the extruded mass. The cap's angular aperture is close to that of a diamond anvil (85° ± 5°) and its height (with respect to the rod flat)  determines the desired indentation thickness for each individual gasket material thickness. A height of 0.10 ± 0.01 mm will produce an indentation of 50-μm in a 250-μm thick gasket. .

The thrusting screw is used to drive the dies linearly and perform the indentation.

The gasket tray holds the gasket tight, flat, and centered during indentation. It is made
according to customer's gasket's specification.


  • The gasket is placed on the gasket tray which is then inserted in the slit.
  • The longer die is first inserted and carefully driven to enter the tray's hole, thus "centering" the tray, till you touch the gasket. Be careful not to slide beyond that point.
  • Insert the short die till it slightly touches the gasket. Fasten the short die thrusting-screw.
  • Using the thrusting-screw gently fasten the long die all the way. The indentation process is complete.
  • Release the thrusting screws. Using the extracting pin pull out the dies.
  • Remove the tray.
  • The gasket is ready.

Inside the DAC the gasket is slightly indented with diamind anvils to acquire its final tip shape and size

The D’Anvils Gasket Indenter operates with common metal sheets used in DAC's such as SS, hardened CuBe, hardened Inconel, etc.

Dies are manufactured according to customers’ specifications to allow for their desired gasket and indented wall thicknesses.

Tolerances: centering of indentation: ±5 μm; final thickness: ±10 μm.

Contents: the Gasket Indenter is packed in a box with auxiliary tools and one pair of dies.

Extra dies with various flats diameters starting at 0.150 mm are available.

Further information and quotation please inquire: anvils AT danvils.com.