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Diamond Indenter

Diamond indenters are used to apply strain in a controlled way upon a section of a material to investigate its structrular chemical properties at an atomic scale.

The indnter consists is a diamond anvil with 16-sided tips in the 10 - 1000-μm range leading to strains into 100 GPa range. The force is applied with 6 Allen screws upon a piston. Samplig position can be varied using 3 lateral screws.

The indenter allows for RAMAN studies, X-ray diffraction, and other spectroscopy methods.

Description: 1 - Main body, 2 -piston, 3 - diamond anvil (indenter), 4 - sample, 5 - moveable metal holder disk, 6 - diamond sample holder, 7 - slit for X-rays beam, 8 - three lateral adjustment screws